What's the most important thing to know about interviewing at Zynga?

Know Zynga products! Play our games, and not just once or twice. Our recruiters are trained at exposing impostors, so don't even think about it.

What opportunities do you offer recent grads?

We offer full-time positions in product management and software engineering for people who have graduated within the last year.

Do you recruit from specifically targeted schools?

We visit upward of 40 colleges each year. We're sorry we can't get to every campus, but we consider all qualified candidates regardless of the school you attend.

Are your internships paid?

All Zynga work postitions are paid. We like it this way and hope you do too.

What's the duration of an internship at Zynga?

We offer a 12-week program for interns and co-ops. That's three months of solid work, amusing shenanigans, and the time of your life.

Do you offer temporary housing for interns?

We offer financial assistance for select roles for those interns relocating from outside the Northern California area. Palatial mansions go fast, though.

I'm an international student. Am I eligible for Zynga's internship program?

If you plan to study in the United States and want to join our team, your F1 visa will qualify you for our program, as long as you're able to obtain your Employment Authorization card from your school (which must participate in curricular practical training or CPT) or your government.

Where are your internships located?

Right now, all Zynga internships are at our San Francsico office. This way we can make sure you eat properly, go to the gym and play with a few dogs. Plus, who wouldn't want to expose the interns to the unique culture of San Francisco?

What's it like to intern at Zynga?

Oh boy. That's a though one. And we'd need additional servers to answer this completely. In short, we offer our interns real-world experiences and challenging work reponsibilites. We have high expectations for all employees, including interns. But we know you'll think it was worth it.