Five things to know about your job search

  1. An informational interview versus a job interview

    An informational interview is usually about collecting information about a career field, industry, or company. A job interview is a meeting to determine if you are right for a specific job, internship, or volunteer opportunity.

  2. The importance of social media

    Job-hunting has changed a lot because of social media. LinkedIn is one of the main screening tools used by recruiters, so use it accordingly. Enjoy Crisco Twister? That’s cool. Probably best not to reveal TMI on Facebook and Twitter, though.

  3. The amount of info you need to know about a company before you interview

    As much as you can. It’s key to learn about the stuff that’s important to the company. The time you spend preparing will result in a more meaningful discussion, and help show your level of interest to the interviewer.

  4. The different kinds of recruiters

    The two main types are internal and external. Internal recruiters are hired directly by the employer they represent; external recruiters are also known as agencies, headhunters, search consultants, or sourcers. They work for staffing firms who are hired to find prospective employees.

  5. The most common mistake you could make in an interview

    Easy. You want to make a good impression, but don’t forget that this is your chance to learn more about us. Is this a good opportunity for you? Does it feel like a place you want to work? What do you want to know about us? Ask us questions, too.