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Solve murders and uncover new mysteries!
Hidden Object

Gracetown needs you, are you brave enough to help? Put your detective skills to the test finding hidden objects and uncovering evidence. Delve into Hidden Shadows because only you can find the truth.

You are the one good cop in Gracetown, a city filled with corruption. But your detective skills aren’t the only thing you have going for you…you can also see the spirits of the dead. It’s time to put your abilities to the test finding and solving murders in this supernatural crime thriller. The mysteries you uncover will rock Gracetown – and you – to the core. Are you ready to find the truth?


Use your supernatural powers to see spirits and solve their murders

Examine thousands of clues to uncover evidence, tools, and secrets

Play with friends to advance cases faster

Captivating, season-based storylines

Immersive and unsettling hidden object scenes

Supernatural crime theme, mature content