Saigon – Zynga’s Central Nagios Configuration Service

Managing a large infrastructure can be challenging — to say the least — and monitoring that infrastructure can be even tougher. At Zynga we have approached this problem by providing our teams with a central micro-system which allows them leverage Nagios and to use standards without having to even know them. Saigon allows core teams familiar with Nagios to push service checks, command definitions, and various other bits of Nagios and NRPE configurations to our Studios for consumption and adoption.

Three Node/NPM Modules (grunt-dependency-resolver, grunt-vendor-permutator, grunt-instant-play)

Over the last few months, my team and I at Zynga have been working hard on a more granular, JS-based alternative to Jasy. Without further ado, meet the Instant Play plugin collection for Grunt:

zBase – A high-performance, elastic, distributed key-value store

zBase is a distributed key-value store that is the storage backbone for almost all Zynga games.  It supports the memcached protocol on the front-end and is designed for persisting data to disk along with in-memory data replication for high availability.  zBase was forked from membase in early Jan 2012 and, since then, the storage services team has added a host of useful features and made many performance enhancements and has been successfully been deployed on more than 6000  zBase nodes in production.