Instructions for Removing Applications and Notifications from Zynga on your Social Network or Device

You are free to stop using Zynga applications at any time. You may remove the application if you wish to no longer receive gifts and notifications from the games. If you wish to play the game again, simply re-install the application and your stats will remain the same in most instances. For those who do not play games and do not wish to receive notifications and/or gifts from friends we have added instructions to block notifications and/or gifts where applicable.

Most changes should process instantly but please allow up to 72 hours for processes to complete.


To remove the application

  • From any Facebook page click on the "Account" tab in the upper right hand corner.
  • Select "Privacy Settings"
  • On the lower left hand side of the Privacy Settings page you will see an area labeled Applications and Websites – click on "Edit your settings"
  • On the top of the Applications and Websites page it will show you what applications you are using
  • Click on "Remove"
  • From the pop-up window find the application you wish to remove and click on the check box to the left
  • Click "Remove Selected"

To stop receiving notifications

  • Place your cursor (arrow) over the notification
  • A "X" button will appear in the upper right hand corner of the post. Click "X"
  • A new menu will appear in the notification’s place, click "Hide all by User" to prevent future notifications from this user. To prevent further posts from the application click "Hide all by Application".

To stop receiving gifts

On the bottom left of the request are two links "Block Application" and "Ignore All Invites From Friend"

To block further requests from the application click on "Block Application"

  • Click "Okay" in the pop-up window

To block further requests from a friend click on "Ignore All Invites From Friend"

  • Click "Okay" in the pop-up window


  • From any MySpace page click on the "My Stuff" link in the top menu bar
  • Click on "Games" from the drop down menu
  • From the menu on the left, under All Games, click on the application you wish to remove
  • On the following page you will see the application click mouse over the gear wheel in the upper right hand corner and a drop down menu will appear
  • From the drop down menu click "Remove Game"
  • In the following pop up click "Remove Game"

*From the same drop down menu you may also turn off notifications or block the game. Turning off notifications will allow you to keep playing the game but not receive notifications from the game. Blocking the game will remove the game as well as block future notifications.


To remove the application

  • Find the application on your iPhone’s screen
  • Press and hold your finger down
  • A small "X" will appear on the upper left hand corner of the Applications. Press the "X" for the Application you wish to remove

To stop receiving notifications

  • Go the settings application on your iPhone
  • From the settings menu select "Notifications"
  • A list of Applications will appear, select the Application for which you wish to stop receiving notifications
  • From the notifications available for that Application you may turn notifications off by sliding the switch to the left


  • From within your Yahoo pulse account click on "Apps" from the menu bar on the left
  • Under "My Apps" you will see a list of apps you have installed, find whichever app you wish to remove and click "Remove" on the right hand side


  • From any Tagged page click on the "Account" link in the upper righ hand corner
  • On the Account Settings page scroll down to the section Applications under Privacy Settings, click "edit" on the right hand side.
  • From the list of Applications uncheck the box next to "I would like to be able to use Poker"
  • Click the "Save" button at the bottom to save changes